Should Leah Be More Understanding Of Jaylan’s Teen Mom 2 Move?

Should Leah Be More Understanding Of Jaylan’s Teen Mom 2 Move?


Leah and Jaylan have repeatedly stated their intentions to live closer to each other and not date at a distance. But during tonight’s Teen Mom 2 episode, the couple — who just officially became boyfriend and girlfriend — experienced a setback in their shared goal.

Jaylan got a job in West Virginia, but it was not as close to Leah as she had hoped and he needed to be “in person for a bit” (aka not work remotely). Leah pondered why he would not just stay in Georgia since they wouldn’t be in close proximity regardless.

“It’s eight hours versus two hours,” he explained to Leah. “Georgia is out of reach, babe.”

“I think long-distance is long-distance any way you look at it,” Leah countered. “It’s not like you can just go on a date.”

Jaylan disagreed and felt he was doing as much as he could to make necessary sacrifices to be near Leah and her family. But Leah was still hesitant about this upcoming change and was unsure how it would unfold. Jaylan grew visibly irritated and was disappointed that they were not “celebrating the moment.”

“This is kind of getting to me in a way — I ain’t gonna lie,” he concluded.

What do you think: Should Leah change her perspective, or does she have a right to be upset that she and Jaylan won’t be closer? Or is Jaylan’s disappointment that his move was not met with more excitement justified? Give your take, then keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Tuesday at 8/7c.