J Hus Taps Drake For Upcoming Single “Who Told You”

J Hus Taps Drake For Upcoming Single “Who Told You”


Fans have been questioning what the 2023 “song of the summer” is going to be, and J Hus might have their answer. The 27-year-old tapped Drake for his upcoming single “Who Told You.”

Followers first caught wind of the track on the London artist’s Instagram page, where he shared a snippet of himself and some friends rapping and singing along on Wednesday (June 7). “Who told you bad man don’t dance?/ Who told you gangsters don’t dance?/ Even with the weapon on my hip I dance/ Bad man take another sip and dance/ Two left feet, don’t trip and dance,” they sing in the video.

The record features Afrobeats-inspired production, thus it was already well-received by fans. The 6 God upped the ante by sharing a screenshot of the song’s audio file to his Instagram story that same day, writing “@theuglygram trouble is there tmrw.”

A popular UK music page, UKRapDaily, shared a screenshot on Thursday (June 8) of what is reportedly an automated text message from Hus that read “SUMMER ’23 – 8PM TODAY.” A Drake fan page followed that up saying that the song will be available at 3 p.m. Eastern time on Thursday.

“Who Told You” will be Drake’s latest effort, coming just two months after “Search & Rescue.” The single caused a lot of commotion due to the woman on the cover art looking very similar to Kim Kardashian, further fueling the thought that she and Drizzy were romantically involved with one another. This is speculated to be what sparked the tension between himself and Kanye West, among other things. As for J Hus, “Who Told You,” comes just two weeks after his most recent single “It’s Crazy.”