Eminem Releases Music Video for Latest Single ‘Tobey’ feat. Big Sean & Babytron: Watch

Eminem Releases Music Video for Latest Single ‘Tobey’ feat. Big Sean & Babytron: Watch


In an atmosphere ripe with anticipation for the release of the previously delayed music video for ‘Tobey’, Eminem has finally delivered on the promise to his fans. The video is out now and features Michigan artists Big Sean and Babytron, who represent the evolving sound of Michigan rap across different generations.

The trio came together shortly after the demise of the Big 3 feud, going as far as using the artwork of Tobey to potentially insinuate Top 3 status using the popular Spider-Man meme motif — much like J. Cole and Drake did, in the recent past. Eminem’s verse comes in hot off the proclamation of always being in that conversation, even as fans debate on whether or not Slim Shady fell off with the times.

While older hip hop heads at large seemed to enjoy the nostalgic value of Em’s raps, the younger generation largely dismissed Eminem’s obsession with multi-syllabic rhyme patterns and lack of political correctness and sensitivity.

Eminem tries to counter that narrative by stating how he has been around long enough to see rap change and evolve, whereas younger hip hop heads have not. These younger fans, however, continued with the expression of disappointment on social media, remarking on how Eminem’s music and outlook hasn’t really changed or grown with time.

The upcoming album, The Death of Slim Shady, is meant to play with this very narrative, but so far, it seems like it is not the chess move Em intended it to be. In order for a narrative change to be successful, Em might have to focus on more introspective and relatable themes, and provide young fans with enticing visuals; cue ‘Tobey’, the music video.

Directed by Cole Bennett, the visuals are undeniably exquisite and feature transitions and effects that mark the low-attention span consumption of modern music. The neat edit (which took longer than anticipated to complete) hits the nail on the head for the newer generation, while using the familiar and nostalgic sepia filters in portions as a subtle nod to the MMLP2 cover art — which arguably represents skills Eminem was known best for. What do you think?

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Watch the video below.

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