Cakeswagg Brings Back The Roaring Twenties In New Music Video For “Big Plays”

Cakeswagg Brings Back The Roaring Twenties In New Music Video For “Big Plays”


True force of nature, aka Cakeswagg, transports her listeners to the 1920’s with the latest music video for “Big Plays.” The Boston-native rapper has long been established as one of the leaders of her hometown’s Hip Hop scene, thanks to her unique style that is a culmination of femininity and strength.

As the artist describes it herself, the visuals are a full on “Cakeswagg Production.” Shot by Clips Films, the video is a perfect depiction of the enticement and the glamor of the Jazz Age. Capturing the soul and the free spirit of the twenties, the new clip gives viewers a taste of that era.

Cakeswagg says: “I never leave any stone unturned when I’m working on a visual. As a theater student I really love diving into the themes and characters I create. Which is why for this video my team and I decided to really delve into the 1920’s. Just as the 1920’s was the birth of a new era in music, fashion, resilience and clearly defiance of rules that need to be broken, so are my plans for 2023.”

Putting her all into every aspect of the production, Cakeswagg stands out with her flawless rhymes and lyrics: “It’s still big cake I get it f*cking baking/ This ain’t no pop smoke but still f*cking shaking/ And you prolly won’t last if you hesitating/ Cuz don’t nobody hold the crown so that shits for the taking/ My b*tches choosey, we get boujee on you f*cking goofy/ Sorry Pooky , he a groupie  , I ain’t pop no coochie/ If you get crazy , I can promise , you gon lose a few things/ I’m still sturdy ,  do some proving if you wanna move me.”

Inspired by the likes of Missy Elliot, Queen Latifa, Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj, and Kendrick Lamar, Cakeswagg hopes to follow through with her mission of empowerment. Following “Big Plays,” the rising star confirmed that she will be releasing a track called “Capo.” She is also working on a full-length project, set to come out in August.

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