Young Thug Officially Announces Presidential Bid

Young Thug Officially Announces Presidential Bid


Last year, Young Thug was asked in an interview whether he thought he had a shot at becoming the President of the United States. “If this idiot could be president,” No Jumper‘s Adam22 wondered, referring to the country’s current Commander-in-Chief, “why not Thug?” The Atlanta rapper didn’t need to ponder this question for very long to realize he agreed with the interviewer’s position. Jeffery Lamar Williams is certainly capable of being president. 

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“I’m really making people rich,” Thugger confidently asserted while listing his qualifications. “I’m bringing pureness into the world, like my heart really in the right spot… It’s like no matter how my words come out, n****, you gon’ be able to understand his heart is in the right place… why wouldn’t I win? You let this n**** win.”

It’s hard to dispute the man’s logic there. We may not always be able to decipher what Young Thug is saying or singing or rapping, but we trust that it’s stemming from some transcendental place to which he serves as our only link. For this reason, if he wishes to run for president, in Thug we trust. Today, he’s got us giddy imagining this scenario, as he shared a photoshopped picture of himself in The Oval Office, dapperly dressed in a suit. While he didn’t express interest in becoming POTUS, he did officially announce his bid to takeover the music industry. He enumerated a slew of record labels and music collectives in hip hop that he has his sights set on, aiming to bring success and wealth to even more artists:

“Looking forward to becoming president of
 #Ysl #SlaughterGang #Xo #Fbg #4pf #Xx #RG #Otf #Dc #Ommio #54 #Cme #Lvrn #LL #2x #Pnb #16 #JackBoyz #Amg.”