Wolftyla Recalls "Unfortunate" Megan Thee Stallion Songwriting Beef

Wolftyla Recalls "Unfortunate" Megan Thee Stallion Songwriting Beef


A simple celebratory message on social media by Wolftyla turned into an online spat with Megan Thee Stallion. Last year, Megan released her Fever mixtape and later Wolftyla shared an image of the tracklist with the caption, “Got my first placement and it’s on an album by a woman who i think is fire.” She hashtagged the song “Simon Says,” a track that featured Juicy J, but Megan came back with ire.

“I write all my own sh*t don’t let nobody gas you up like that,” Megan Thee Stallion shared on her Instagram Story. “That clout sh*t crazy.” According to The Source she also stated, “Like I said don’t nobody write my sh*t for me… so don’t try to insinuate you did… just be clear from the beginning. I didn’t even know she had nothing to do with the song Juicy J say you ain’t write nothing. Simon says shut tf up.”

A back-and-forth ensued, but in a recent interview with No Jumper, Wolftyla explained in detail how she came to be involved with the Fever song. “I was in a studio session and I was playing my music and somehow happened to leave the door open to the studio session and Juicy [J]’s manager came in,” she said. The manager told Wolftyla that he was a fan and invited her to another session the following day. “I went in there, they played me a bunch of beats, I picked out the beats that I loved, I did some writing on it, melodies on it, and then boom.”

“I was just going in there really humble,” Wolftyla added about working with the Three 6 Mafia artist. “Juicy J’s a legend and I’m not gonna sit here and bash him because, hey, the industry is the industry and business is business, but I definitely was going in there bright-eyed and really excited to work with him.” She wasn’t happy with being portrayed as a liar. 

Wolftyla added that as a Vine star who is trying to transition into a serious artist, it was a heavy blow. However, she knew the song was going to come out with Megan Thee Stallion because she claims July J’s manager contacted her asking for her BMI information. Watch the clip of Wolftyla on No Jumper below.