Omarion Rejects Traditional Marriage, Questions Dating & Monogamy

Omarion Rejects Traditional Marriage, Questions Dating & Monogamy


You won’t be seeing Omarion walking down the aisle. The B2K singer’s personal life has been in headlines over the past year after it was revealed that his ex Apryl Jones was in a relationship with his B2K bandmate Fizz. The pair put their romance on display on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, and the controversy set Omarion’s name at the center of gossip.

Omarion Rejects Traditional Marriage, Questions Dating & Monogamy
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So, Omarion took the lemons of all the publicity and turned it into Millennium Tour 2020 lemonade. The second installment of his successful tour is in full swing, albeit this time he’s flying solo without his beloved group. Omarion has openly talked about the mother of his children dating his bandmate and former friend, and while chatting with Sway in the MorningOmarion was asked if he ever had doubts about Apryl.

Sway played an old clip of an interview with Apryl where she talked about her desire to marry him. However, Omarion now shares that he doesn’t believe in the traditional concept of marriage. He vocalized that finances were a determining factor in his decision because he doesn’t even want to put himself in the position of having his partner take half of what he’s worked for just because they didn’t work out romantically. Then, the hosts wanted to know if the singer was a person who believed in monogamy. 

“I don’t know that I’ve been motivated or inspired to feel like I can be with one woman,” Omarion said. “I don’t know that one woman has rocked my world like that, where I feel like, oh yo. I’m definitely a faithful person, I stand by my words and what Imma say Imma do, but that’s a tricky question. I believe in it, though. I believe in it, but I don’t know that it’s [for me].”

“People ask me about dating. Can I really date? I don’t know,” he said. “I could develop a relationship with someone. I can build with someone, but that’s gon’ take time. So, why categorize it or put any expectation on it when we’re both exploring.” Watch Omarion talk about his love life, the Millennium Tour 2020, and new music with Sway in the Morning below.