thegamblechild Breaks The Bank And Soars Beyond With “Space”

thegamblechild Breaks The Bank And Soars Beyond With “Space”


Following “Beat up the Beat,” thegamblechild’s latest release, “Space,” takes listeners into a captivating world of ambition and self-discovery. The track begins with an electrifying intro, immediately grabbing attention and setting the stage for an energetic musical experience. With a gripping hook that lures audiences in, the song showcases the artist’s determination to break boundaries and take risks. 

“I’m tryna get rich let’s just go and break the bank/ tell lil baby roll it up I’m tryin get high up off this drank/ my whole body numb Ion even feel my face/ I left planet earth feel like I’m out into space,” says thegamblechild in the lyrics evoking a sense of indulgence and escapism. It’s a sonic representation of the euphoria one can find in letting go of earthly concerns and exploring new frontiers. 

Throughout the verse, the artist proudly asserts his elevated state and refusal to settle for anything less than genuine love and loyalty. He acknowledges the role of faith and gratitude in his journey, attributing his blessings and resilience to a Higher Power. This combination of ambition, self-assuredness, and spiritual grounding creates a unique narrative that resonates with listeners. 

With “Space,” thegamblechild solidifies his position as an up-and-coming rap sensation. Drawing inspiration from legends like Eminem and 50 Cent, he fearlessly embraces the grind while staying true to his roots. By channeling positivity and striving to empower the younger generation, he becomes a beacon of inspiration, encouraging fans to pursue their dreams with unwavering self-belief.

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