Teen Mom 2 Crossroads: Should Kail And Vee Keep Business Out Of Their Friendship?

Teen Mom 2 Crossroads: Should Kail And Vee Keep Business Out Of Their Friendship?


Kail did not film Teen Mom 2 for three months, but the mother of four is experiencing a “restart” with the docu-series. The mother of four is also hitting the reset button and starting over fresh with Vee — and the duo questioned whether or not they should mix their podcast (a business) and their unique relationship as friends as well as co-parents.

But before diving into the “Baby Mamas All No Drama” drama, Kail elaborated about her return to TM2 with supervising producer Brendan. “I just reached a point in my life where I felt like things that were occurring didn’t align with the work I’ve been doing in therapy. And right around that time, I found out about Chris [filming Teen Mom 2]. I’m not saying one way or the other, but I had no idea.”

The catchup continued with Brendan asking Kail about the current status with her exes: She is not speaking to Jo, it “changes by the minute” from good to bad (currently in a good place) with Javi and she attempts co-parenting with Chris via text message — when she doesn’t get a response, she admitted, she’s “done.” But the biggest update was about her podcast partner.

“A couple of months ago, Javi and I got into a huge fight, and he didn’t want me talking about him on my podcast with Vee,” Kail told Leah during a separate conversation. “He basically alluded to her being deceitful, and so I texted her and Javi in a group text, and I said, ‘Whatever it is, lay it all out there.'”

From there, Vee confessed to Kail that she had told Javi about the pregnancy with Lux (aka Vee was the “little birdie” who told Lincoln’s father four years ago).

But that wasn’t all: Vee told Javi that Kail’s miscarriage “may not have been his.” According to Kail, the miscarriage was a planned pregnancy, the claim was a “complete lie” and Kail was never unfaithful to Javi.

“For her to place doubt in his mind, that part was unforgivable,” Kail added. “Up until this day, Javi will say, “I don’t even know if that baby was mine.”

The women had a texting exchange; Vee apologized for her behavior, and Kail told Leah that “everything is up in the air.” Kail and Vee eventually met face-to-face to acknowledge what unfolded and how best to move forward. The women concluded that maybe they were not meant to collaborate professionally because it is “hard to mix friendship with business” — plus the added layer of raising children as co-parents.

So should the two cease production on “Baby Mamas No Drama” or attempt to resume their collaboration and stick to their goal of maintaining “honesty and transparency”? Keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Tuesday at 8/7c.