Summer Walker & Willow Smith May Have Beef

Summer Walker & Willow Smith May Have Beef


Summer Walker was outside practicing some yoga this week when one fan suggested that she link up with Willow Smith (after the quarantine is over, of course!) to show each other some new moves. The prospect of that friendship, and perhaps even a musical collaboration, had fans reeling. However, Summer Walker was quick to shut it down, even suggesting that the two may not be on good terms.

Willow Smith is all about peace, love, and positivity so we’re surprised to see that she won’t speak to Summer Walker, but maybe the singer’s comments are being misinterpreted.

Responding to a fan who asked them to film a yoga video together, Summer said that she “won’t talk to [her.]” She has to have known how cryptic that sounds and, if they’re not actually on each other’s bad side, this may jumpstart that.

While many are assuming that Summer Walker means that the two are not friends, others believe that the singer just didn’t explain herself well. Willow Smith is generally pretty closed off, so maybe Summer just means that it would be impossible to get through to her. Or maybe her own self-confidence issues are forcing her to believe that their link-up is unattainable.

What do you think is going on? Check out the screenshot below, courtesy of @gossipofthecity_.

Summer Walker & Willow Smith May Have Beef