Joey Bada$$ Opens Up About His Anticipated New Album

Joey Bada$$ Opens Up About His Anticipated New Album


It’s been a little over three years since Joey Bada$$ dropped off his last solo album All Amerikkkan Bada$$, a politically-charged and lush reflection on the state of the world. In the meantime, it’s been relatively quiet on the artistic front for the Brooklyn lyricist, though not one completely devoid of productivity. Lest we forget about Beast Coast’s 2019 collaborative drop, a project on which he was heavily involved, and his turn on the acclaimed series Mr. Robot. 

Still, fans have been eager to see what a new Badmon solo drop would look like, and it would seem the time is nigh for exactly that. Today, Complex shared an interview with Joey, who opened up about his creative process and why things have been taking a little longer than expected. In truth, it’s actually rather refreshing to hear his perspective, especially given the recent trend of churning out music at a rapid pace.

Joey Bada$$ Opens Up About His Anticipated New Album

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“It’s not fast food,” he tells the publication “it’s not something that keeps coming, even though I’d like it to be like that, and my fans would like it to be like that. But I just need time. I’m talking about my life, talking about my experiences. That doesn’t always happen in six months. Sometimes, not much happens in six months that’s super significant to express through art. Or sometimes you need another six months to even process what you just went through.”

He also confirms that the project will be arriving within a six-month window, and given his disdain for extensive albums, look for it to skew closer to concise. And while the interview took place prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Joey did indicate a more lighthearted tone on this go-around — though not at the cost of telling his story. “It will speak towards the growth as both an artist and as a man. I’m just trying to find new ways to open up and to tell my story—more parts of it that haven’t been told,” he explains. “Also, I’m having fun this time around. I’m trying to have more fun than I’ve ever had, because it’s a very fun time for me right now. A lot of exciting things are happening.”