Soulja Boy Shouts Out Tyga & Drake On "The Breakfast Club"

Soulja Boy Shouts Out Tyga & Drake On "The Breakfast Club"


Soulja Boy had the biggest comeback of 2018 (don’t tell Tyga) before dropping off the face of the planet again after a short stint in jail. His viral moments propelled him back to relevancy and many of those sound bites and videos came from his appearance on The Breakfast Club. In what has since become the most-watched Breakfast Club interview ever, Soulja Boy dissed everybody from Tyga to Drake, promising that he would have the most powerful musical return of that year. To his credit, he sort of did have one of the biggest comebacks of the year. Well, after getting out of jail and returning to real life, Soulja Boy Tell’em returned to the radio show this afternoon.

Sporting a new dread-locked look, Soulja Boy explained why he’s been so quiet as of late. 

“I’m just staying out of the way. Working on the album, working on my business, keeping everything together, keeping everything on the up and up. It’s so much going on,” said Drako in the interview. He was then asked whether or not he’s heard from Drake or Tyga since he infamously trolled them in the last interview.

“I heard from everybody,” revealed the rapper. “We had a cool conversation and it was all love, man. Shout out to Drake.” 

As far as Tyga goes, their conversation seems to have been a little more strained, which makes sense.

“Shout out to Tyga too, man. It ain’t no static with Tyga neither, man. I’m just focused on myself. 2020, I’m just focused on doing me,” said Soulja Boy before elaborating. “We went back and forth on wax but it ain’t nothing. Shout out to Tyga, man.”

Watch the full interview below.