Mandy Moore Performs & Talks Coronavirus on 'Ellen': Watch

Mandy Moore Performs & Talks Coronavirus on 'Ellen': Watch


On Tuesday’s (March 10) Ellen DeGeneres Show, Mandy Moore said she feared coronavirus could threaten her first tour in 13 years in support of her new album Silver Landings. But she found a silver lining when she got to perform “Save a Little for Yourself” on the show.

Moore took the stage alongside her husband and Dawes frontman Taylor Goldsmith, and the romantic setting with yellow lights shimmering over an ombrĂ© orange screen wasn’t intended for the talented married couple; it signaled Moore’s rekindled romance with music, her first love.

“Eleven years since I’ve had an album out,” Moore told Ellen ahead of her sizzling performance. “I think I was scared. Fear definitely crept in. There was a lot of self-doubt. And I feel like the longer you let something like that linger, the more terrifying it is to jump back in.”

But what’s proven to be the bigger fear in Moore’s musical career is the COVID-19 pandemic that’s caused many artists to cancel their shows. Moore’s North American tour kicks off in just 10 days, and she disclosed it’s the main reason she came back to music. “I know it’s sort of precarious timing, but hopefully everything will unfold the way it’s supposed to,” Moore said. “Because I miss performing. I mean, honestly, making the record, to me, was a conduit to being able to go on the road. It’s like I miss being onstage. I miss the adrenaline, performing live and having the band behind me.”

Watch Moore live out her onstage dreams with her “Save a Little for Yourself” performance on Ellen below.