Singles Surge: Will This Week’s Ex On The Beach Twist Ruin Summer?

Singles Surge: Will This Week’s Ex On The Beach Twist Ruin Summer?


The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t — sadly, the adage won’t do much good for the Season 5 crop of Ex on the Beach Singles, who learned that a totally unexpected, radar-evading storm surge would soon strike and litter the coastline with new Singles. But what will the new twist mean, exactly, and could it be any more destructive than previous relationship hurricanes?

On tonight’s episode, David — in the thick of a pansexual awakening — discovered he’d have to confront the ghost of a girlfriend past before he could continue pursuing other connections. His ex Dani, who arrived suddenly on the beach, said she always genuinely liked David but added his love of sowing wild oats prevented them from ever getting super serious.

“David has a pattern and a history with me, specifically, of saying that he’s all in…and then going off and talking to other girls,” Dani said. “The first sign he’s playing me, I’m out.”

Unexpectedly, Dani and David actually moved closer to being all in. Dani, who proved to be completely receptive to David’s admission that he wasn’t straight, said such honest conversations proved David had grown, and the two committed to getting closer to potentially reconcile.

Elsewhere in the house, though, things were hardly hunky-dory.

Looming tensions came to a head at a disastrous Table of Truth ceremony when Mike exploded at Jamar and Minh-Ly, whose push-and-pull dynamic and constant arguing began to suck all the oxygen out of the house. More, Caro was furious at her ex Ray when she discovered he’d been lying about sleeping with other women while the two were dating.

While the madness did eventually dissipate after a good night’s sleep, Ex on the Beach ensured the Singles didn’t breathe *too* easily, as it completely flipped the script by summoning them *all* to the dock in a Totem of Terror first. And when they arrived at the water’s edge, they learned even more Singles were set to join the house.

“Where are they gonna sleep?!” Arisce jokingly spat as two shadowy figures approached the shore on jet skis.

So will the addition of new Singles disrupt David and Dani’s progress, and could it stand in the way of Mike and Arisce mending fences? Might it, conversely, be a good thing for someone like Da’Vonne, who’s completely sworn off her ex? And what will it do for Singles like Derynn or Ranin, who are stuck somewhere in between hanging onto old flames and seeking new adventures? Most importantly, will the surge of Singles completely ruin this summer? Share your predictions, then keep watching Ex on the Beach every Thursday at 8/7c.