‘I Don’t Want To Be Friends With You’: Should Juliette Have Written Off Jordana On Siesta Key?

‘I Don’t Want To Be Friends With You’: Should Juliette Have Written Off Jordana On Siesta Key?


A jet-setting Juliette has returned to Siesta Key from Paris (Dior handbag and matching scarf in tow), and she’s ready to set some boundaries — but not with her ex Sam.

During tonight’s episode, Jordana was spending even more time with Sam following his breakup with Jules. And the swimwear designer was more sus than ever that Jordana “ran to be by his side.”

And if we’re being honest, Jordana has never been Juliette’s biggest fan, despite her dedication to painting that larger-than-life portrait. “I’m so over hearing Juliette’s name,” she told Sam during a kickboxing therapy session. “You’re a sweet guy, and she knew how to work you. I mean, this is what it is. You’re broken up. You know, we’re moving on.

Jordana then went on to ask Sam about his rebound “the infamous Meghan” from Miami and, it turns out, she’s not a fan of her either: “I’m glad that Meghan’s there for you. You’re not going to date her though. She’s good for right now. But you always have me if you feel like you need to talk or hang out with somebody.”

Fast forward to Amanda’s end-of-summer bash, and Sam walked in with — who else? — Jordana. Cue all the questions: “But like, why’d he walk in with Jordan?” “Maybe they just got here at the same time?” Jules’ answer: “They’re probably f*cking.”

Juliette then confided to Kelsey the biggest catalyst for her upset: Jordana’s recent rendezvous on Sam’s yacht (and the social media posts that prove it).


“A couple nights ago, I had muted Jordan from my Instagram because I saw that she was posting all over Sam’s yacht, and it upset me. I sat on the floor of my f*cking hotel room and started crying,” she said. “Either she was so ignorant that she didn’t realize it would hurt my feelings, or she just simply didn’t care.”

While Kelsey tried to tell Jordana that those photos wouldn’t “come off very well to Juliette,” the artist continued to maintain her innocence because she’s friends with Sam. After Camilla said that Jordan’s actions almost make it look like she and Sam could be “hooking up,” she approached Jules to clear up any confusion, clarifying that she’s “here for [Sam] as a friend.”

But an empowered Jules wasn’t having it.

“Okay, since you came up here, I just want to point out that your post with his new little whatever-she-is really hurt my feelings,” she said. “I don’t know if you were just so insensitive toward me that you posted that or you were that stupid to have posted that. But either way, I don’t like either of those, so I don’t want to be friends with you, and that’s it. So that it, that’s the end of the conversation.”

A shocked Jordana was left grasping for words: “Oh! Okay. I was just gonna say that I am sorry that I did that,” when Juliette quickly cut her off, saying she’s actually “not sorry.”

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