Should Da’Vonne Use Ex on the Beach To Finally Sow Her Oats?

Should Da’Vonne Use Ex on the Beach To Finally Sow Her Oats?


If Ex on the Beach is about sowing wild oats, it might be time for Da’Vonne of The Challenge and Big Brother to get with the program. On this week’s premiere episode, Day came to terms with a romantic past that she’s deemed a little too conservative — so it time to go wild by barreling into her dating future, or would it be more worth her while to take a beat and dig deeper into her past?

On the premiere episode, Da’Vonne, who’s famous for going head-to-head with Challenge contestants like Wes and Zach with no fear, showed a uniquely vulnerable side during the Singles’ first dinner. When the gang went around the table sharing the wildest places they’ve had sex (Arisce said a BMW, Ray admitted it was during a cruise with his family), Da’Vonne got teary.

Not because she’d had a tryst that mortified her, but because she hadn’t.

“These types of questions make me realize I haven’t lived,” Da’Vonne said as she got choked up. “The relationship that I told you about that really broke me – I was with that person for nine years. That relationship took up from 19 to 26. I didn’t get to experience having a wild side…and exploring and having adventures and things like that.”

She continued: “I have only had sex with one person, and it was him, and it was in the bed,” she said. “I haven’t had any of these experiences.”

Some of the cast was too shocked to speak, but others jumped in to encourage Day to use her regrets as an incentive to live up her time in the summer sun. Still, if Da’Vonne does commit to new adventures, it seems unlikely any will include her former flame Jamar, one of the first three Exes to show up to the house. Quickly, Jamar admitted his primary mistake in dating Da’Vonne was leading her on, and Da’Vonne echoed the sentiment, claiming that Jamar didn’t ever address a potential relationship seriously.

“I’m a very guarded person,” Da’Vonne admitted. “There’s many walls and levels to break down in order to get to me. Maybe if I can sit down and have a conversation with one of my Exes, I can get some type of resolution as to what I’m doing wrong.”

What do you think: Should Da’Vonne go whole hog into the next step of her life and leave her Exes in her dust, or could they be worth a second glance? Share your thoughts, then watch the next episode of Ex on the Beach on Thursday at 8/7c!