Saul Stone Releases Single “Conversations”

Saul Stone Releases Single “Conversations”


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It is easy to feel intimidated when you look at other people and their seemingly perfect lives. You start questioning your own life as fears and insecurities take over. You begin to do things to escape your thoughts, just like singer Saul Stone talks about in his new single “Conversations”. The song was inspired by a chance meeting with an old friend and the ensuing discussion. Something in that must have struck him as realizations burst out after the encounter. Indeed, many of us have experienced the same kind of cathartic experience with friends and random strangers.

Indeed, this is a song about introspection and the search for a resolution. The latter may not yet be fully-realized but that does not reduce the importance of self-examination. Answers may take a lifetime to find but the process of getting there can be rewarding. However, you have to be persistent enough to stay the course and humble enough to learn. “Conversations” is about the raw emotions of those stuck in the middle of the long journey.

Saul Stone sings about trying to run to what he thought was his destination only to recognize that he was running way from himself the whole time. It was the self-hate that fueled his life until then. There is no video production to distract from the message. There is only earnest vocals and the strums of an acoustic guitar that express pain and confusion that is so familiar to many.


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