7EVEN DAZE Releases Single “DOWN”

7EVEN DAZE Releases Single “DOWN”


LISTEN TO “DOWN” NOW: https://soundcloud.com/user-384629537/down

“DOWN” is the impressive debut single for up-and-coming artist 7even Daze. She might not have a household name yet but this could soon change when people discover her undeniable talent. The song is raw and unfiltered. She is the type of artist who is not afraid to cut out her chest and let her emotions out. Many will relate to the themes that her debut tries to tackle including the toxicity of relationships, the painful sacrifices made to hold on, and the eventual discovery of self-worth.

“You don’t respect me, just leave me half-empty. I was good alone before you met me.”
“You got them issues, I doubt that I’ll miss you. How does it feel that you’ve been revealed?”

People don’t have to know the singer’s background to understand all of these. The beauty of honest storytelling is that humans can connect to the universal experience. Listeners will hear these words and get instantly taken back to specific episodes of their past. The message of empowerment, of rising above the situation and loving one’s self enough to love on is something that many will appreciate.

Los Angeles-based 7even Daze combines powerful lyrics with a haunting melody and emphatic bass. The palpable rage is controlled with dynamic vocals that build up to a heighten tension and mellows into a resolution. Give this track a listen. It will not let you down.


Website: 7evendaze.com