Camila Cabello Was The Cutest Googly-Eyed Baby, Her Emotional ‘First Man’ Video Shows

Camila Cabello Was The Cutest Googly-Eyed Baby, Her Emotional ‘First Man’ Video Shows


On Father’s Day, Camila Cabello only had eyes for one man. (Hint: it wasn’t Shawn Mendes.)

On Sunday (June 21), the singer released a tear-jerker of a music video for her single, “First Man,” the emotional ballad that closed her sophomore solo album, Romance, which released in December.  The video, like the song itself, is a compilation of home movies dedicated to her dad, Alejandro Cabello.

Spliced by footage of the present-day pop star singing to-camera, her eyes at times bloodshot from crying, are clips of a younger Camila singing into a karaoke machine. There are also scenes of her mother, Sinuhé, feeding and burping an adorably googly-eyed baby Camila in her hometown of Havana, Cuba.

“Papa, I made this for you,” Camila wrote in an Instagram post announcing the release on Sunday. “thank you for loving me, unconditionally, ferociously, and constantly. doesnt matter if I fail or succeed, doesn’t matter if I feel on top of the world or like the dirt on my shoe lol. you love me just because you love me, without me needing to do or be anything other than just me. thank you endlessly, for everything. Thank you for showing me what love is and for showing me how to be loved. I will always be your little girl.”

Camila and her father have a particularly special relationship. Earlier this year, Alejandro walked the Grammys red carpet arm-in-arm with his daughter, who brought him as her date rather than her “Señorita”-collaborator and main squeeze, Shawn Mendes. There, Camila debuted her live performance of “First Man” in a touching, surprise performance, which ended in a big hug between the two.