Relationship Regrets: Should Dani Have Encouraged Her Ex To Move On With Kyra?

Relationship Regrets: Should Dani Have Encouraged Her Ex To Move On With Kyra?


Actions speak louder than words, and on tonight’s episode of Ex on the Beach, Dani’s were completely deafening. So now that it’s clear she still has feelings for ex-boyfriend David, and her encouragement for David to move on may have been prematurely offered, do you think it was smart for her to set her former flame free, or should she have been more honest about the pain she felt in letting him go?

David – who seemed thrilled at the idea of reconciling with Dani when she first arrived to the house – continued to change his tune. And why? His longtime crush Kyra had since moved in too and diverted David’s attention. So Dani did something few saw coming: She told David he had her blessing to move on. In theory, it seemed especially grown-up and decent. In practice it…pretty much just left Dani crying poolside for days to come, wondering out loud why David had to always be “looking for the next best thing.”

And as the housemates watched on, they seemed more than a little confused.

“I do believe the one error Dani made is when she gave David the green light to talk to Kyra and then got upset when he did it,” Da’Vonne said.

And the struggle between head and heart continued for Dani at the Table of Truth, where she laid her issues with David out with an indictment so severe, Arisce could only observe, “David got his wig snatched clean off.”

“The way you have treated me in this house is a perfect reflection of how you treated me when we dated,” Dani said, adding that she felt like the safe choice to David only when something shinier wasn’t available.

Some housemates like Derynn thought the speech was a little dramatic (“If you’re gonna tell someone to do something and they do it, don’t act surprised,” she said) while Kyra, most surprisingly, felt empathy for Dani, noting “You can’t just get rid of feelings.”

Either way, David said he “couldn’t feel worse about this,” leaving the house’s most lethal love triangle in a continued state of flux and its three corners unsure of exactly why things got so emotional — or how they should move on.

So did Dani do the right thing by giving David her blessing to seek out Kyra even though it clearly hurt her? Or should she push for a resolution with him? Share your thoughts, and keep watching Ex on the Beach every Thursday at 8/7c!