Siesta Key Infringement: Did Chloe ‘Meddle’ In Juliette And Sam’s Relationship?

Siesta Key Infringement: Did Chloe ‘Meddle’ In Juliette And Sam’s Relationship?


Juliette’s friends haven’t been shy about sharing their disapproval over the whole Sam situation on Siesta Key — especially Chloe.

Tonight’s episode saw Jules (still) struggling to figure things out with Sam, and everyone’s (still) talking about it. Their relationship was the topic of conversation at Chloe’s birthday picnic, and no amount of sage burning could clear the air. Amanda maintains that Juliette is merely “choosing the easy route,” while Chloe dubbed her post-Meghan move “pathetic” and “embarrassing.” Ouch.

“At some point, you’ve got to grow up. There are better men than Sam Logan, and you’ve got to realize that if this relationship isn’t healthy for you, you’ve got to walk away,” Chloe told Jules.

The very next day, Juliette told Sam that she’s tired of being “screwed over” and dropped the f-bomb: “I wanna be friends. I’m sorry.”

Realizing that his friend-zoning was no coincidence, coming just a day after hanging out with Chloe, Sam didn’t hesitate to blame the zen blonde.

“You’re deeply impacting my probability of getting back with Juliette. She listens to you, and you’re one of her best friends,” he told her. “What I’m scared of is losing someone who means the world to me because of outside influence.”

“You think I have that much power?” Chloe asked. “If Juliette wants some time and space, then you need to give her some time and space. If you want to see yourself back with Juliette, don’t play the game of trying to hurt her.”

Sam then admitted that if he gives her space and takes a mission trip to Zimbabwe, he may “lose feelings for her” and “become detached.”

Cue Chloe: “That’s narcissistic. You can’t threaten her. True love doesn’t fade in six weeks; true love never fades.”

That’s when Sam let the insults fly.

“You’re so fake and so manipulative — you meddle in relationships way too much,” he said.

Chloe denied meddling and maintained that Juliette came to her for advice first, adding, “I don’t give unsolicited advice. I am not going to be manipulated by you. You are not the first narcissist I’ve dealt with; I’ve handled people like you before. I can be a supportive friend to Juliette, and it’s not going to stop, so get used to it.”

So did Chloe really influence Jules? Not according to the latter: While Juliette did said say that Chloe got her thinking, she admitted she’s been mulling over the Sam sitch “for a while now.”

But what do you think? Is Chloe meddling, and was Sam right to call her out? Or is she merely being “a supportive friend” like she says? Share your thoughts, then catch an all-new Siesta Key Thursday at 9/8c.