Princeton Michael drops new single “No Better Time”

Princeton Michael drops new single “No Better Time”


R&B musical sensation Princeton Michael has just released his latest single and music video “No Better Time” hot on the heels of his February 2022 release, “Everything” also covered by Singersroom. Since its April 9th release, “No Better Time” has already been viewed over 8,000 times on his YouTube channel and it’s not hard to see why.

Soulful R&B artist Princeton Michael

Artfully shot in sepia, the music video for “No Better Time” was directed by Antwan Smith and produced by Daniel Cruz (Vegawins) and the expert video production team at Regulus Films of Miami, Florida. “No Better Time” also features the talented acoustic guitarist, Anthony Ingle.

From the opening guitar riff, and Michael’s sublime vocals, “No Better Time” is essentially a romantic ballad. The lyrics convey the powerful connection between the singer and his girl:

“Your body, connected to mine
Through space and time
Don’t matter where we are
Girl, I’m not that far.
You, better believe it’s true
Because I’m gonna be there for you”

“No Better Time” was also shot on location in Miami, Florida. This time the story takes place in a beautifully appointed living room with a cascading staircase where his featured guitarist is seated behind him. The tempo of the song starts out slowly (with the awesome guitar backing) and speeds up mid-song as Princeton sings to convince his girl that his love for her is authentic and worth fighting for.

The video uses light and shadows in a simple way so as not to distract from Michael’s sensuous vocals and to create a feeling of harmony. “No Better Time” invites the listener, not only into his heart, but into his home.

Princeton Michael is clearly an emerging talent on the R&B scene and you can hear his musical influences who include Avant, Raheem Devaughn and Tyrese. The song, like most of Michael’s other material, has a distinctive Miami-feel to it. You even get a sense of this in the cover artwork from the single which uses the flamingo-pink lettering as his signature.

Album cover art for “No Better Time”

If he had been born thirty years earlier, you can envision him being welcomed into any of the larger American vocal harmony groups (think BoysIIMen). For now, Princeton Michael is content in building his own brand of soulful romanticism and expanding his already impressive fan base.

Princeton Michael explaining his musical vision

“No Better Time” is out now and streaming on all the usual platforms. Add this romantic R&B ballad to your playlists.

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