Obie Iyoha – Lilly

Obie Iyoha – Lilly


“Lilly” by Obie Iyoha is a rap tune that takes the listener on a journey. “Lilly” is a staccato sound that makes you move, stop, and move again and never with any resentment. You’re a willing participant all the way.

This song has a nice rhythm. Its starts with a simplistic three taps and the sound of grasshoppers and then it slides into a complex synthesizer over a bass guitar and it progresses from there. The bass continues to narrate this tune as Obie raps to his girl in Nigerian. But you don’t need to speak the language, his voice translates beautifully. You understand his tone delivers all the meaning you need.

Obie was born in Greensboro, North Carolina, but his mastery of the Nigerian language is apparent as he smoothly delivers this rap song that makes you bounce off the chair. But the video offers subtitles so you can follow along.

Simply, the song is about hangin’ with your boyz and girlz. Obie spends much time in a store aisle holding a bottle of alcohol and exchanging bags in the street with a girlfriend, so you know it’s about hangin’ out.

Still, the beat keeps you steady popping. The beat is new enough that you want it to go on and on, but the song only lasts three minutes. This is one of those songs, you wish they could extend at least another two minutes. But that could be why it’s so good because it leaves you wanting more. song. This smoothly performed song could go on and on as far as this reviewer is concerned.