ALIEN | Short Film by CKay (2020) – CKAY THE FIRST

ALIEN | Short Film by CKay (2020) – CKAY THE FIRST


Ckay aka Chukwuka Ekweani is a Nigerian artist who recently produced and starred in a short film called, “Alien”. This seven minute and 24 second short film features several chapters, each dealing with a different phase of his love life involving an alien girl and a human girl.

Ckay’s music video starts off with the body swaying music full of African/Islander flavor, ringing of exotic notes from the Kalimba. The sounds were hauntingly alien as the song begins but transformed into more traditional African sounds as the song progressed.

Each chapter shows a young man, Ckay giving up on ever finding love or intimately interacting with the alien or the human girl. At the brink of his giving up, an alien comes to earth and fulfills his deepest hopes. In chapter two, entitled “Dtf”, we see the young man debating with himself over whether the alien woman should sleep with him. In chapter three, “Love Nwantinti”, Ckay finally realizes he might have chosen his love hastily.

Ckay’s voice ranged to mid-tone to soft and he revealed how his heart moved from one woman to the other. This slow soft tune has a subtlety that belies its passionate confusion, a confusion of the heart. Ckay is seeking the other half of his soul among the seven billion people on earth only to find it in an alien. Switching from English to Nigerian, Ckay switches from tenor to falsetto singing “…my head, my heart…” and the entire song. It blends well his rifts melding “Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah…” until his voice sounds as if it’s an instrument. Alien is a soft tune that’s sure to relax.


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