Mi’chel Rose – LIT (Official Music Video)

Mi’chel Rose – LIT (Official Music Video)


“Lit” by Mi’chel Rose begins by declaring she likes to party, she likes to drink, she’s stays lit and she doesn’t care what anybody thinks. This is a dance song and it makes you move as it is intended to do.

The drums and synthesizer make you move, not just bounce, you’re moving your whole body. Starting out with an intergalactic spatial sound, it glides into a bounce that continues forcing you to gyrate what you can to keep pace with the music.

It’s got simple lyrics that force you to focus on moving as she sings. The percussions hit that addictive beat that makes you, forces you to bounce as if in a sweltering hot club with sweaty compatriots, all high on living.

The sound is compelling and while not new and innovative, its obsessive and akin to songs like Prince’s “Kiss”, but its firmly grounded in the pacing of a traditional 80’s dance tune. The listener gets snared and then is forced to climb to new heights with the artist. Bongos set the pace, as you uncontrollably dance.

Rose’s song is in the genre of true disco and it carries both a beat and the lyrics to prove that categorization. As R&B music reviews go, this one rates “Lit” as a fun, bouncy tune that gets you jump started to move and to stay in motion until that song ends.

This high energy song maintains its super charged pace from nearly the beginning all the way through until the end. Its great dance music.