Nolan Star releases critically acclaimed new single “Run Home”

Nolan Star releases critically acclaimed new single “Run Home”


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Atlanta-based rising independent artist, Nolan Star, just released his new single “Run Home”.

“Run Home” is the story of a young man remembering the highs and lows of a former love.

In “Run Home”, Star expresses his desire to return to his former love, despite obstacles and misgivings. It really captures the modern dilemma most of us experience in our day to day romantic lives. When Star wrote the song he was remembering a significant, former romantic relationship and his song attempts to capture both the highs and the lows of that period in his life. Star’s very early musical influences were pop, funk and hip-hop and these are clearly shown in all his artistic work. “Run Home” has a strong hip hop vibe and a rap feel throughout this single.

Nolan Star who was born in New York (as Tamir Wade) is now Atlanta-based. Nolan Star is his professional name. He continues a legacy of black excellence and his musical talent and unique sound comes from his father, Kent Wade’s, influence. Star’s father also worked with prominent music legends such as Color Me Badd, Teddy Riley and Diddy. Star was first introduced to the vibrant R&B music scene when he was just 12 years old.

When Nolan Star was first starting out in the music scene, his earlier work with the musical collective, IL helped him identify his signature style. So he changed his name to “Nolan Star” which is a combined homage to both filmmaker, Christopher Nolan (“Batman”) and the star moniker from David Bowie’s eclectic, Ziggy Stardust.

Star’s musical influences blend pop, rock, hip hop and alternative flare. Some of his work has been compared (favorably) to Frank Ocean. Star has already caused quite a buzz within R&B industry circles despite being another new kid on the block.

Always remaining authentic, Star’s new single “Run Home” showcases both Star’s considerable vocal ability along with his quirky hip-hop style and resonant lyrics. When interviewed about what inspired him to write this song, Star says:

“I was moving more outside of hip hop with this track, I felt like prioritization of mix matching genres would leave the impression that I’m a multi-faceted artist. Which would give me more breathing room to keep experimenting with more sound palettes. Punk, hip hop and pop strands were wrapped all over this track, and we stuck with it. That’s how “Run Home” came about.”

No doubt, Nolan Star’s musical journey will continue its upright trajectory as his material focuses on telling a story which resonates with his loyal followers and solid audience base.

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