Romeyo Wilson has a brand new EP: “Breakfast In Bed”

Romeyo Wilson has a brand new EP: “Breakfast In Bed”


“Breakfast In Bed” The Song

Listen to “Breakfast in Bed In Bed” the EP on Souncloud:

One of the newest, and hippest, kids on the block, Romeyo Wilson, has proven that his earlier success with the singles ‘Keep your Heels on” and “Sex You Up” was well-earned. Both singles earned solid spots on both Spotify and Apple Music’s R&B playlists: “Mood Ring” and “Breaking R&B”, respectively.

Wilson’s 7-track EP “Breakfast in Bed” comes hot on the heels of getting over a million plays on both Spotify and YouTube as well as getting rave reviews and critical acclaim from Rolling Out Magazine, Shifter magazine and RnB Radar.

“Breakfast in Bed” was written and composed by Romeyo Wilson and produced by his amazing team of R&B artists: Zane 98 (Summer Walker, A-Boogie Wit Da Hoodie), Jbyss (Tink, Eric Bellinger, Elhae), Sulien Beats and Neo.

Wilson spoke about the inspiration behind the single and said that many of the songs on the EP were inspired by “women crossed his path” and romantic and intimate experiences they had together. Wilson considers this EP to be a very raw and uncut project but refuses to censor himself, wanting to deliver an authentic voice and sound. He succeeds.

The single “Breakfast in Bed” and the other six singles are a delight for R&B lovers and Wilson’s sultry vocals tell the story of love, loss, heartbreak, yearning and redemption.

Since debuting in 2017, the Toronto native had already delivered four seminal projects which were all critically acclaimed by R&B fans and music critics. He also had sold-out tours across the country including at the Phoenix Concert Hall and Plaza Centreville.

With “Breakfast in Bed” you can see Romeyo Wilson becoming a mature, confident R&B artist and his music and stories behind each song will draw you into his romantic, soulful universe. The “Breakfast in Bed” EP is highly recommended particularly if you are fans of Giveon, Trey Songz or Jacquees. Wilson is becoming a player worth paying attention to in Canada’s flourishing R&B landscape.