Zandra Kaye – Know Your Roll

Zandra Kaye – Know Your Roll


Zandra Kaye’s “Know Your Roll” is a slow rap tune which features Zandra rapping to slow jazzy synthesized sounds. Her sound is unique, while it’s a determined, deliberate sassy females’ viewpoint, it’s on point. The lyrics point out her unwillingness to step outside her comfort zone.

She knows her roll as she softly sings, “I am no refreshment…Head to toe in Goodwill…They want me to look pretty…When the female’s got brains…They want the sexy dress… Allow me…”No Your roll…I’ll be in my big A++ Tee…”

It’s a steady bop, hop, bop, hop. The beat is strong. listen to it two or three times and your head starts bopping on cue. It’s a very addictive beat. Not being a musician, it’s hard to say how this song was so successfully crafted in detail, but despite its slow drag, it grabs the listener and pulls you along reluctantly at first and willingly when you put the words together and realize this another female freedom anthem.

Zandra Kaye’s music always has a jazzy theme. As usual, she masterfully brings that breezy flow of jazz into this rap. She clarifies how a woman’s identity should be respected in her plainly stated definition of “Know Your Roll”.