Miami Vice New Single from Bianca Raquel

Miami Vice New Single from Bianca Raquel


The nineties are back baby! Bianca Raquel’s new summer smash ‘Miami Vice’ is a cool classic track with that ninety’s vibe. Brings back memories of cocktail sipping in the sun, late nights, and catching the sunrises. The song is about a casual hookup, fueled with passion and desire. The hook ‘I got a lot of vices; I can tell that you do too. Middle of every night yea you know what I wanna do.’

Bianca’s voice is probably familiar to you, she is no stranger to the stage, having performed with the likes of Bilal, Nona Hendryx, and Talib Kweli. Bianca has lent her vocals to big hits ‘Turn It Up’ from the film ‘Step Up,’ Anamanaguchi’s ‘Prom Night’ and Kanye West’s ‘Wolves.’ Bianca herself, likes to be referred to as an all-round vibe maker, she producers, song writes, arranges and is an artist in her own right.

Talking on ‘Miami Vice’ Bianca explains: ‘The hook was in my head for so long, I tried out a few different beats and grooves with it until I found the one that I felt fit best. It needed to have this blasé feel to it. But it also needed to contrast and be intentional with the vocals. I was super selective with the harmonies and adlibs. This is how I laid out the track.

I really wanted the track to have the feeling of romance as well. Yes, it’s a casual hookup but I wanted the listener to feel like this could become a regular thing. Take them on the journey with me.’

Out now on Apple Music – ‘Miami Vice.’

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