Meddling Man: Is Will Overstepping His Boundaries With Garrett On Siesta Key?

Meddling Man: Is Will Overstepping His Boundaries With Garrett On Siesta Key?


Garrett’s¬†buddies aren’t holding¬†back their suspicions about his relationship with Makenna, and it all came to a head on tonight’s Siesta Key episode.¬†While others are moving out and breaking up, the now-engaged Garrett and Makenna are talking about shacking up,¬†which has G’s roommate Will concerned that his friend might be “moving too fast.” According to Will and Tate, Kenna could be the one “pushing it.” After all, Garrett has a bit of a past when it comes to¬†“being sh*t on by girls,” including¬†the condescending b*tch (Kenna’s words!)¬†Cara.

“One of the biggest things for me is that he’s been so hurt by Cara and Kelsey,” Will told¬†Tate.¬†“I feel¬†like the emotions that he’s saying and moving fast, a lot of that is on Kenna. Like, damn bro, she just moved into our apartment complex…you don’t fully know her. You don’t know how she can be — like how we have seen.”

Tate added that it’s only a matter of time¬†before¬†people see Kenna’s¬†not-so-sweet side — the one that doesn’t¬†provide post-workout fruit and coffee. One person who’s already taken note? Garrett’s ex Kelsey.

“I’m just curious whether or not Kenna and Garrett are actually as perfect as they seem, or if there’s other stuff going on. It’s just multiple odd things,”¬†she said, noting that she’s “heard rumors from people that she’s made comments about how I’m just like an ex-girlfriend to Garrett and how she has to act like she’s friends with me and¬†doesn’t actually value me.”¬†

Kenna, of course, was less than thrilled to learn that Will has so many opinions about her relationship, telling Garrett, “I’m getting questioned by your best friend, and I’ve done nothing wrong besides just love you and be there for you. What it comes down to is that our relationship is between me and you. I think that’s really rude, and I don’t appreciate it at all.”

The tension later exploded with Kenna vehemently denying any beef with Kelsey¬†— and then bursting into tears:¬†“Every couple fights…[and] every couple is allowed to fight without people going and telling everybody everyone’s business. I’m so just exhausted trying to prove myself to this group. When we fight, it’s between us. It’s not between everybody.”

Cue the quote of the night, courtesy of Amanda: “Yeah, but we live in Siesta Key, so…”

As for Garrett? The personal trainer maintains that all that matters is that he and Kenna love each other.

“It’s not a perfect relationship; nobody has a perfect relationship,” he said. “We’re with each other every single day — there’s gonna be moments¬†that¬†we have times¬†that¬†we don’t necessarily agree on everything. And that’s totally okay because, at the end of the day, we both know that we truly love each other more than anything.”¬†

So is Will justified in trying to protect his friend, or is he overstepping brotherly bounds? Sound off in the comments, and catch an all-new Siesta Key next Thursday at 9/8c.