Ex On The Beach Untruths: Jamar Was Just Caught Telling Da’Vonne A Whole Lot Of Lies

Ex On The Beach Untruths: Jamar Was Just Caught Telling Da’Vonne A Whole Lot Of Lies


Hurricane season might reach its fever pitch in fall, but Ex on the Beach produced one hell of a summer storm on the show’s most recent episode, when the introduction of a brand new ex sent Da’Vonne – typically one for diplomacy and measured conversations – into hysterics.

At the top of the second episode of MTV’s dating series, Da’Vonne – who’d been getting to know former couple Mike and Arisce better – said she loved watching them “blossom and grow” and hoped she’d eventually land the same type of connection for herself. But the wish sadly fell on deaf ears, and when Arisce said explicitly “[Da’Vonne] needs good news right now,” it seemed to set the inverse effect into motion, as Da’Vonne’s sudden summoning to the Shack of Secrets kicked off a swelling social cyclone.

Upon Da’Vonne’s entrance to the secluded nook, which was littered with clocks and tchotchkes, The Challenge and Big Brother alum learned that if she correctly answered a series of questions, she’d earn the right to uncover a secret in the Ex-Scape Room that her ex, Jamar, had been keeping.

Slowly, she began putting the pieces of a puzzle together, and the revelations the game yielded hit Da’Vonne hard:

1) Jamar did invite his Big Brother: Canada co-star Minh-Ly to visit him, even though he said he hadn’t.

2) The two *did* meet after Minh-Ly’s eight-hour bus ride, even though he said they hadn’t.

3) Together, they celebrated Minh-Ly’s recent birthday by having sex, even though he told Da’Vonne he wasn’t interested.

Worse, Minh-Ly suddenly revealed herself to Da’Vonne and told her that Jamar had been claiming Da’Vonne was obsessed with him.

If they hadn’t already, the wheels quickly came off. Da’Vonne was so incensed that instead of wasting time cutting down Minh-Ly, she devilishly recruited her ex’s fling to take down Jamar.

“He’s a lying piece of sh*t,” Da’Vonne said. “His relationship with Minh-Ly was more real than it was with me…let’s go get his ass.”

Da’Vonne proceeded to rip her ex to shreds, screaming “I’m done” more than a bag of forgotten popcorn in the microwave. It took her a minute, but the reality of her relationship seemed to finally wash over, and she said she realized she’d wasted time on someone who wasn’t worthy of her standards.

“Don’t you ever in your life think that I would be obsessed with you,” Da’Vonne stated. “I stepped down off of my pedestal to date you…you done lost your mind.”

After a good night’s sleep, Da’Vonne and Jamar met to discuss the revelations more calmly, and in a determined tone, Day told him simply to kick rocks: “I believe actions, and your actions have shown I really wasn’t sh*t to you,” Da’Vonne said. “We cannot be friends anymore…my friend would have never done me like this.”

Yikes – so not only is Jamar out of the picture, but he’s not even managed space in the friend zone. Is it the right move? More importantly, how do you think Da’Vonne can recover from such a tropical sh*t storm? Share your thoughts, then hang tight for the next Ex on the Beach episode!