Max Kellerman Goes Off On Steve Stoute Over Knicks Incompetence

Max Kellerman Goes Off On Steve Stoute Over Knicks Incompetence


Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman tend to impose their will when interviewing guests on ESPN’s First Take. Both men are always looking for answers and their interview style matches up with the way they speak on hot button issues. Interestingly enough, Kellerman and Smith are both New York Knicks fans which has been a source of despair for the two. The Knicks have been terrible for a long time and it seems as though they talk about the franchise’s incompetence, every single day.

On Tuesday’s show, Smith and Kellerman welcomed music executive Steve Stoute on the show. Stoute has been brought in by the Knicks to help rebrand the team and make the franchise attractive to prospective free agents. Kellerman spared no punches as he grilled Stoute over what he plans to do with the team. Most of Kellerman’s anger was geared towards owner James Dolan although it’s clear Stoute wasn’t expecting Kellerman to be so aggressive.

Stoute went on to explain that he can only worry about what he’s been brought in to do and that everything that happened before he got there, isn’t really his fault. Instead, Stoute wants to focus on what he can do to make the Knicks a more attractive franchise. It’s not going to be an easy task but considering Stoute’s background, he certainly knows enough about the city of New York to make a real impact. 

You can check out the entire interview, below.