MarkiedeeJr drops new single “Treat You Right”

MarkiedeeJr drops new single “Treat You Right”


The New York R&B artist, MarkiedeeJr released his new single and music video “Treat You Right” on March 25, 2022. The single was produced by Gyptxvn and the music video was expertly shot by Jay Kimble (of Clock Boy Productions) and edited by the artist, MarkiedeeJr.

Queens, NY native, MarkiedeeJr wrote “Treat You Right” which, as its name suggests, is both a love song and a ballad. Our hero tells his love “Baby, can I come over tonight..There’s some things I want to show you” as he tries to convince her of his love for her.

Artist MarkiedeeJr in a reflective pose

“Treat You Right” is a playful storytelling of a young man enticing his lady love back to him. The song starts out slowly and MarkiedeeJr’s smooth vocals are hypnotically drawing you into the story. The song’s rhythm and tempo abruptly changes mid-way into a rap (in a truly awesome segue):

“I’m running around in the city

Are you coming with me?

Baby, can you please let me know

I ain’t got time for no games

You know I’m not playin

I’m not doing this just for show”.

MarkiedeeJr’s vocal style is just a delight to listen to. He could fit in perfectly with any vocal harmony group and his voice has a Boys II Men vibe with a 21st century overlay.

MarkdiedeeJr shows his true colors in this smooth new R&B/rap fusion. You can also see his maturation into a serious R&B/rap artist from his earlier 2020 work “Queens Way” and “Days in the Basement”.

Opening credits from “Treat You Right” music video produced by The Clock Boys

“Treat You Right” is available now for streaming across all the usual platforms – add it to your playlists.

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