Lord Jamar Reacts To Eminem’s "Guest In Hip-Hop" Stance

Lord Jamar Reacts To Eminem’s "Guest In Hip-Hop" Stance


Eminem and Lord Jamar, two men who quite simply will never be friends, have been at odds for well over a year now. It all started when Jamar sought to diminish Em’s impact on hip-hop culture, likening him to a houseguest and maintaining that his predominantly white fanbase disqualifies him from the GOAT conversation. After Jamar made Eminem a recurring talking-point throughout his various press runs, Em fired back on songs like Kamikaze’s “Fall” and Music To Be Murdered By’s “I Will.”

Things seemed destined to drag on until Slim hit up KXNG Crooked’s Crook’s Corner, where he openly acknowledged himself to be a “guest” in hip-hop. Naturally, Jamar was all but committed to address the development. It didn’t take long before he was having another face to face with Vlad of Vlad TV, wasting little time in addressing the “elephant in the room.” Making the distinction that Vlad brought it up, not him, Jamar maintains that he never had a “beef” with Eminem in the first place.

Lord Jamar Reacts To Eminem's "Guest In Hip-Hop" Stance

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Vlad reflects on how Eminem openly admitted to being a guest in hip-hop, which leads Jamar to wonder why it took so long to come to such a conclusion. “This could have been ended a long time ago,” he maintains. “Not that it’s even anything. He even used the word beef in there. This was just me stating my fuckin’ opinion and a bunch of fuckin’ Stans having a problem with it. They were just amplifying it so much back to him that he had to respond. Really, the Stans are responsible for a lot of this back and forth shit.”

“At the end of the day, this was never no beef,” continues Jamar. “All of my points were proven. I don’t consider this a personal victory. This just speaks to the power of the soil. I represent the voice of the soil of hip-hop. You can plant many seeds in the soil but the soil decides what grows. Not the seed, the soil.” Elaborating on the metaphor, Jamar explains that “the soil” is what dictates quality, not record sales or technical prowess. “The soil will decide if you are the GOAT. It was never personal to Eminem — if anything it was a fuck you to white supremacy. It was the fact that [they] think they can come into all genres and dictate everything. We were saying, as the soil, no you can’t.”