Stunna 4 Vegas Brings Energy Because He’s Not A "Sad-Ass Rapper"

Stunna 4 Vegas Brings Energy Because He’s Not A "Sad-Ass Rapper"


Billion Dollar Baby artist Stunna 4 Vegas continues to carve out his own lane outside of DaBaby‘s success. The young North Carolina artist’s career has been fine-tuned by DaBaby, but as he releases more projects—including his latest, Rich Youngin—Stunna is picking up steam and reveling in the successes his rap star life affords.

Stunna 4 Vegas Brings Energy Because He's Not A "Sad-Ass Rapper"
Aaron J. Thornton / Stringer / Getty Images

Stunna caught up with DJ Smallz to talk about Rich Youngin and what the process was like weeding through songs to come up with the final 12 that ended up on the record. He said he had plenty of tracks to choose from, but he and DaBaby took about an hour and a half to hand-pick the final dozen. Smallz wanted to know if there was a method they leaned on when deciding the order such as something like choosing two high-energy tracks and then something more mellow.

“I’m up all the time,” Stunna said of his music’s vibe. “So, it’s up, I’d say it don’t go down. It’s probably neutral like, ‘Walk Up’ [and] ‘Russian,’ but I’m up on them, too, at the same time. I’m up on everything. It’s energy. I make energy music. I’m not a sad-ass rapper. Ain’t no girl break my heart. Sorry, I don’t make that type of music for y’all,” he added with a laugh.

“But hey, I’m versatile, though,” Stunna continued. “I got that mellow music. I got that in the cut. But even then, the way I come on the track is up at the same time so it’s gonna be energy every time with me.” Watch Stunna 4 Vegas with DJ Smallz below.