Lil Xan Announces Official Name Change

Lil Xan Announces Official Name Change


For years, Lil Xan has been Public Enemy #1 in the hip-hop community because of his past comments about Tupac Shakur. In an infamous interview, the 23-year-old rapper disrespected the legend by saying that he has more clout than Pac. Those remarks have stuck with him and still, he has been unable to reach as far as he had hoped. Now, Lil Xan has seemingly had enough of all the hate because he’s giving up his old name and re-inventing himself under a new moniker.

The California native has flirted with the name Diego for years, which is his given name. It appears as though he is finally ready to embrace the name change and release new music using it.

Lil Xan Announces Official Name Change
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

“Baby I’m coming back better than ever,” wrote the controversial rapper on Instagram. “I’m officially changing my name to ‘DIEGO’ rn, Leaving the old in the past. […] I’m restarting and reinventing myself.”

This is a great first step for Diego, who has not been a favorite for hip-hop heads. Hopefully, he starts to see a positive change in terms of the public’s perception of his music.

Will you be there for the next chapter in Diego’s career or did you give up on him a long time ago?