'The Biebers On Watch' Episode 2 Highlights

'The Biebers On Watch' Episode 2 Highlights


Justin Bieber got busy in the kitchen on the Wednesday (May 6) episode of his new Facebook Watch series with wife Hailey, The Biebers on Watch.

In the episode, the quarantined couple make Justin’s favorite pasta dish, involving sausage, tomato sauce and plenty of heavy cream, and Hailey gives her superstar hubby a crucial lesson in the art of boiling pasta water. “So the water is getting to a boil. Once that’s like fully going, partying, then you can put the pasta in,” the model instructs her husband, leading him to clarify not once, but two more times that the pasta should indeed go in the water.

“Throw this in?” Justin asks before tearing the bag of gluten-free pasta open with his teeth.

“Yep, toss in that pasta,” Hailey replies before the crooner reiterates, “This in here?” while pointing to the pot of now-boiling water.

“Is this enough pasta?” the Biebs then worries, and before long his wife is pulling double duty, browning sausage with one hand and stirring the pasta with the other.

During the meal prep, the superstar couple also chatted about Hailey’s favorite songs from Justin’s latest album, Changes. “So what’d you say your favorite song on my album is?” he asks while chopping onions, leading Hailey to reply, “‘E.T.A.’…I just like the vibe of it. I like ‘E.T.A.’ I like ‘Available.'”

Watch the latest episode of The Biebers on Watch — including Hailey’s follow-up lesson on how to strain pasta once it’s cooked — below.

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