Lil Pump Paints His Nails In Act Of Pure Rebellion

Lil Pump Paints His Nails In Act Of Pure Rebellion


Lil Pump has had fans worried over the last couple of weeks due to his behavior on social media. To be fair, Lil Pump’s antics on the gram have always been a little suspect but now more than ever, it seems. Pump has been calling himself a rockstar and has even previewed new music that sees him going in a punk rock direction. Fans aren’t really sure what to make of all of this but for the time being, it truly seems as if Lil Pump is going through a phase.

To match the rockstar aesthetic of his new music, Pump has been trying out new looks. In fact, he recently shaved his eyebrows to make a jarring statement that still has his supporters reeling. Over the weekend, the “Gucci Gang” rapper decided to ramp up his rebellious efforts by painting his finger and toe nails, blue.

Based on the comments section of the post above, it doesn’t seem like fans have taken too kindly to the new look. Regardless, Lil Pump has never been one to care about what people think of him and his most recent antics are a testament to that.

Whether or not any of this results in good music, remains to be seen.