Juliette ‘Went Running Back’ To Sam On Siesta Key (And Everyone’s Talking About It)

Juliette ‘Went Running Back’ To Sam On Siesta Key (And Everyone’s Talking About It)


Don’t say we didn’t warn ya: “There’s always more to the story.”

Just when everyone (us included) thought Juliette and Sam were over on Siesta Key, the tables turned. Apparently, Sam went over to Juliette’s house to play checkers chat, and she said that if he ever wants to talk to her again, he needs to “stop inviting these girls around.” And while Juliette was hesitant to get back together because of “how embarrassing it would be” following those social media pics, Sam seemed visibly hopeful.

“I love and care about the girl so much, and if it turns out that we start dating again and everything’s good, that would be amazing,” he said.

So Sam sent Meghan from Miami packing (for now) and proceeded to bleach his mansion and toss his “tainted” bedding, mattress included. But are he and Jules rushing it? And was this actually Sam’s plan all along? Friends on both sides are certainly concerned.

“It’s like you went running back to him, and he knew that was gonna happen. He was trying to get your attention because you guys weren’t talking,” Lexie told Juliette. “You should just figure out what you really want — and I don’t think you really want to be with Sam anymore. I think you just don’t want to see him with anyone else. But that’s what happens when you break up with someone, and then you get over it.”

But when you break up with someone in Siesta Key — and then start low-key hanging out again — it’s all anyone can talk about, as was the case at Lexie’s surprise party. Everyone from Cara to Kelsey was asking about Juliette and Sam — and when the exes were spotted snuggling, a clout-thirsty Mike didn’t hesitate to “accidentally” capture the moment for an Instagram story. While he says he swiftly deleted it, the damage was done.

“I felt so humiliated that now everyone knew I was talking to Sam again after how horribly he had treated me when we broke up,” Juliette confessed.

When she and Sam got together the next day to debrief, she admitted that she was still reeling from Sam’s very public indiscretions.

“I’m just still not over what you did with all those girls,” she said. “You had a girl over the day after we broke up. It’s humiliating for me. And I care about you, but I just don’t know how you can do that to me. I’ve been in a public breakup before, and you took away my ability to tell people in my own time that we broke up and to heal normally.”

What’s next for Juliette and Sam — and is Meghan really out of the picture? Find out on an all-new Siesta Key Thursday at 9/8c.