Ex On The Beach Betrayal: Should Arisce Forgive Mike For Secretly Kissing David?

Ex On The Beach Betrayal: Should Arisce Forgive Mike For Secretly Kissing David?


If the heart wants what the heart wants, Mike of Ex on the Beach might benefit from elective consultation with a cardiologist.

During tonight’s episode, the house’s resident Energizer Bunny got his cover blown when his kiss with David was outed, something he’d kept secret from his ex Arisce. So after weeks of Mike insisting he wants Arisce back, will the Shack of Secrets revelations change things, and is it worth Arisce’s time to wait and find out?

Let’s rewind: After the introduction of new Singles Kyra and Bryce to the house, the bungalow began to evolve into a dangerous game of topsy-turvy. On one hand, Derynn finally seemed to be warming up to her Ex Ricky, who was determined to make things right, while David — initially dead-set on fixing things with his Ex Dani — suddenly decided he wanted to pursue Kyra instead, which amounted to a series of teary battles.

Still, the real fireworks didn’t take flight until Arisce and Mike were summoned to the Shack of Secrets for a drive-in movie. And the feature presentation? A mix of Mike saying he was bored with Arisce, footage in which he told David he didn’t mean it when he said he loved Arisce and, as a bonus shot, video of Mike kissing David, an act which he’d withheld from Arisce.

Mike tried to get ahead of Arisce’s anger, claiming he only kissed David to demonstrate the idea that an open relationship was a bad idea, but the logic was desperate nonsense to the rest of the show’s cast, who watched the trainwreck from afar.

“So let me understand this logic. Mike’s like, ‘I’m cheating on you to show you that I’m not cheating on you,’” Kyra sarcastically observed.

And, try as he might to right his wrongs, Mike could feel Arisce begin to suddenly slip through his fingers.

“This romantic comedy’s becoming a horror film because the killer’s sitting right next to me,” he said.

Arisce, who’d only just warmed up to the idea of rekindling things with Mike, was knocked onto her heels and enlisted Da’Vonne to help separate her bed from Mike’s.

“How dare you, in front of my mom and your mom!” Arisce said, half-joking and half-devastated. “Bastard.”

And even after a night to sleep on her hurt, Arisce decided Mike’s connection to David was too strong to be ignored or forgiven. Arisce couldn’t shake the fact that when she asked Mike if he wanted to sleep with David, he couldn’t give her a straight “no” and instead danced around the answer.

“So whatever I was working on, I’m gonna pull back,” Arisce said. “I don’t understand what his intentions with me are anymore.”

But can Arisce really pull back, and, after so much progress with Mike, should she? Share your thoughts, and see if the two work things out on the next Ex on the Beach!