Is Kelsey And Juliette’s Siesta Key Rivalry In The Past?

Is Kelsey And Juliette’s Siesta Key Rivalry In The Past?


The tides may have turned for Juliette’s friendship relationship with Kelsey — though it might be a little too soon for the f-word.

Tonight’s episode of Siesta Key saw the former frenemies further mending fences following last summer’s unforgettable blowout (flying cocktails included) in The Grenadines. But first, we learned that Kelsey has been questioning her life in the Key — despite the women’s kinda-sorta apology agreement to “have a conversation” during the reunion special last August.

“I have been struggling with whether or not I do want to stay here, just in general,” she told her mom over shots. “I don’t know that Florida’s for me. This whole entire group, that’s been great … but I really truly at this point only feel super close to Madisson, and Madisson’s not even here. And I’m trying to be civil with Juliette.”

Kelsey added that she’s forgiven Juliette and is “so over all of it” — but is she just trying to run from her problems and “escape the friend issue”? And let’s not forget about her boyfriend Max (and their twinning lizards).

Speaking of boyfriends, when Jules’ beau Sam later invited Kelsey and her crew to “kick it” by the pool, the swimsuit designer jumped at the chance to try to keep things cordial. Only Juliette wasn’t there — she was in LA on a shoot for her own swimwear line. Cut to Kelsey: “Okay, that’s weird. Literally, the whole reason I came was because I wanted to start being more civil, and I don’t want to step on toes.”

In a solid display of loyalty, Kelsey texted Juliette with a heads up, offering to leave — just before coming to her former friend’s defense about making the decision to move out of Sam’s mansion.

“I see it in the sense that she just wanted her own space, which I get,” Kelsey told Sam when he hinted that a breakup may be in the not-so-distant future. “I wish you guys the best, and I’m sorry that you’re in that position.”

The dueling designers were finally able to chat in person at Jordana’s art show, where Juliette admitted that Kelsey’s text “meant a lot to her.”

“I really do think you living alone is going to be good for you,” Kelsey said in a bid of encouragement. “Obviously, I know there is a lot of other stuff going on, but if Sam is the one, then you guys will figure it out.”

Time will tell if Sam and Juliette can sort things out, but at least these two are well on their way. Catch an all-new Siesta Key next Thursday at 9/8c.