HNHH & TuneCore Present "Heat Seekers" Artist Spotlight: Fleego

HNHH & TuneCore Present "Heat Seekers" Artist Spotlight: Fleego


Back in 2019, HNHH and TuneCore partnered up for an 11-week series as a way to showcase some of the best new artists in the industry. The “Heat Seekers” contest has become a staple of the website, with a plethora of young artists submitting their music and getting featured on HNHH. At the end of last year’s contest, one artist was picked to come by the HNHH studio and have a recording session with an experienced producer. In 2020, HNHH and TuneCore have returned with a new edition of “Heat Seekers” that will see 12 artists get featured over the next 12 months. For those who think their music is worthy of becoming featured as part of the “Heat Seekers” initiative, you can submit your music to enter the contest, here.

For this month’s edition of the “Heat Seekers” contest, we are excited to feature Gangtivity rapper Fleego. The Brooklyn artist started to make waves when a track he was featured on, “Gangtivity,” was placed in an episode of Nigel Sylvester’s “GO DUBAI” series. Fleego’s musical styles were established within him at a young age as he was born in Philadelphia, yet raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn to a Jamaican household. As Fleego describes, he is influenced by hip-hop, trap music, and some more melodic music, as well. These influences shine in his music, including his latest body of work which is a 5-track EP called Before The Storm. On this EP, Fleego tells personal stories that will get listeners invested from the jump. He also makes sure to include various flows and an upbeat tempo in order to keep things fun.

To acquaint yourself with Fleego, check out the Q&A we did with him, below.

(HNHH) Where are you from? How has your home influenced your sound/style?

(F) Born In Philadelphia, But raised in Brooklyn,NY my whole life. My home influenced my style a lot. I grew up in flatbush which I considered the multi diverse caribbean side of Brooklyn and I come from a Jamaican background so growing up my mother would always play a lot of classic reggae, 90 R&B. The when I go outside I would get introduced to the hip hop rap side of things.

Describe your sound in three words.

Smooth, melodic, rap

How old are you? Does age matter to music?

I’m 27. Age does matter to me, it all depends on the situation. Like when it comes to dating, of course!. But as in ideas and learning new skills, I would say no because their isn’t a age limit on that “young people keep old one’s young and the old people keep the young ones structured” so my ears and attention is open to all ages when it comes to that.

What’s the last album you listened to?

Ghetto Fabolous.

Name your top 3 biggest influences.

Jay-Z, Drake, & Kanye

Name your dream collaboration.

My dream collaboration will be a track with drake.

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Fabolous – Street Dreams

What’s your favorite hip-hop sub-genre at the moment?

I don’t really have a favorite I’m very musically inclined so I like all genres, I feel they all have they own unique way of putting things and I accept them all.

Make sure you check out some of Fleego’s music in the HNHH x TuneCore “Heat Seekers” playlist, below. Also, be sure to stay tuned as over the coming weeks, TuneCore and HNHH will be unveiling our other “Heat Seekers” winners.

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