Beastie Boys on What’s ‘Bittersweet’ About New Documentary Rollout

Beastie Boys on What’s ‘Bittersweet’ About New Documentary Rollout


“It was kind of a weird, bittersweet thing,” says Beastie Boys’ Michael “Mike D” Diamond of seeing billboards promoting his new documentary Beastie Boys Story in the midst of the COVID-19 shutdown and social distancing.

“A friend had texted both Adam (“Ad-Rock” Horovitz) and I pictures of these huge billboards that are right across from the Staples Center here in downtown L.A. It was supposed to be like, the Lakers are going to be in the playoffs, the Clippers are going to be in the playoffs. Like, you were going to come out of this arena, tens of thousands of people, and then see these billboards for Beastie Boys Story on Apple TV+! And now, maybe just once in a while” somebody will drive by.

Beastie Boys Story, directed by Spike Jonze, premiered Apple TV+ on April 24. The documentary chronicles the story of the hip-hop trio (Diamond, Horovitz and Adam “MCA” Yauch, who died in 2012).

On the new Streets Talkin Pop Shop Podcast (listen below), we share some audio highlights of podcast co-host Jason Lipshutz’s chat with Diamond and Horovitz, including some moments that didn’t make our original printed Q&A.

In a more lighthearted bit in the chat, Diamond jokes about why the haircut-meets-vacuum invention the Flowbee is primed to make a comeback in the COVID-19 era.

“What’s going to be the… solution” to those who need a haircut while in social distancing mode? “The timing is right for the vacuum haircutter thing to come back. The Flowbee.”

For those unaware of the product, as Diamond helpfully explains, it’s an “attachment you put on your vacuum cleaner that would cut hair and at the same time, the vacuum would suck it up so not only would it cut hair, there would be no mess.” The Flowbee became a pop culture staple in the late 1980s thanks to its widely seen commercials. (Diamond clearly isn’t the only person thinking about the Flowbee during lockdown, as the Flowbee website notes that its completely sold out of the product at this time.)

Elsewhere in the new episode of the Pop Shop Podcast, Jason and Keith discuss big chart news from Travis Scott and Kid Cudi, who see their collaboration “The Scotts” debut straight in at No. 1 on the Streets Talkin Hot 100, how Drake and Kenny Chesney are aiming to make waves atop the Streets Talkin 200 albums chart next week, and a Chart Stat of the Week about how Live’s Throwing Copper took the long way to No. 1 on the Streets Talkin 200 25 years ago.

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