Hip Hop Artist Jordan Boss Bolch and His Work Up Till Now

Hip Hop Artist Jordan Boss Bolch and His Work Up Till Now


Jordan Bass Bolch was born on August 27, 1986, in Atlanta. The versatile artist possesses the traits of a rapper, musician, songwriter, DJ, music producer, and entrepreneur. He is well-known for his outstanding work in industrial music, especially in the hip hop and R&B genres. His natural skills propelled him to the point where the whole business was aware of his great work. He enjoyed music like any other teenager, but he became well-known for his rapping skills. Even in a place like Atlanta, which is brimming with incredibly gifted artists, the appreciation he got for his talents prompted him to commit his life to the profession and pursue it as a career. Jordan is now regarded as one of the finest and most successful hip-hop musicians of all time. On Spotify alone, he has nearly 50k monthly listeners.

Bolch has recorded over 100 songs as a solo artist up till now, garnering millions of views on YouTube and more than 15 million streams worldwide. Jordan released his debut album, “Slide,” in 2015, and has since released four additional albums and collaborated with a diverse spectrum of musicians, including Akuarium, Cory Enemy, Dallas Austin, Norbz, Scott Storch, Virtual Riot, and Scott Storch. His current hip-hop success tracks include “You Got Me”, “Centerfold”, “Control”, and many others, which have been heard by millions on numerous music platforms. Jordan has been releasing music for over 7 years and has established a solid reputation for his own style of music while staying distinct in a relatively crowded sector.

The established singer started making music videos a few years ago, which gave more push to his music career. He started uploading these videos on YouTube, besides other channels. He now has over 12k subscribers on his YouTube channel. The number of views and likes on the videos on his channel is staggering, approaching millions. In just one month, his most recent video, “Centerfold,” has had over 900,000 views. Because of his consistent record of releasing amazing music videos throughout his career, fans have consistently supported his library and loved his artistic achievements.

In addition to his musical profession, Jordan is a businessman. He is one of the co-founders of the well-known and extravagant streetwear company, “Six Feathers.” He is also a co-owner of Miami’s best boutique film studios, visual effects firm, and animation house, “Media Monsters” and “Star Films.” Some days ago, Jordan shared publicly that he was working on a new studio album, “Auricle Studios.”

Besides releasing a new studio album, Jordan is working on a new music project nowadays with the collaboration of another incredible artist, Scott Storch. The name and date of the song have not been released yet. We hope the song and its video are released soon.

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Instagram – Https://instagram.com@jordanbolch

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/jordanbbolch

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/c/JordanBolch

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/5W50j5JKTlmNOMh6ndEUji