Heistheartist Releases “Boom (Love Version)”

Heistheartist Releases “Boom (Love Version)”


“Boom” is a soft, pleasant ballad by Heistheartist that recalls some of the greatest songs ever recorded, such as “Killing Me Softly” by Roberta Flack. The song was inspired by a dream of relations with an angel, and the soft tempo and dreamy vocals reinforce the idea of otherworldly love. The electric piano sound of the opening notes remains one of my favorite R&B sounds.

This is a non-religious adaptation of the song that highlights sensuality. Heistheartist’s warm tone is especially striking, and the non-religious version creates a song and message that anyone can enjoy.

A common theme in Heistheartist’s songs is that beauty, love and physical attributes aren’t necessary for happiness. Producer LeeMann Bassey is known for soulful R&B tunes and electrifying dance music, but this single is an extraordinary expression. The simple video also supports these themes, and the love story is touching and breathtaking in its simplicity.

Heistheartist’s newest studio release is very special because it combines the diverse aspects of his mindset, which include smooth jazz and fusion. The “Boom (Love Version)” single is available on YouTube and most major musical outlets, and producer/composer Bassey often contributes his musical proceeds to charities like GLAAD.


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