Ribald Siesta Key Revelations: Should Juliette Have Told Alyssa That She ‘F*cked’ Her Boyfriend?

Ribald Siesta Key Revelations: Should Juliette Have Told Alyssa That She ‘F*cked’ Her Boyfriend?


Juliette finally let go of “the secret” — aka her hookup in Nashville — and told Alyssa what happened while everyone (except the latter lady) was on a getaway in Tennessee. But was it the “right thing” for the Queen of SK to tell the truth and call the King of Sarasota out on his “bullsh*t,” or should Alyssa have learned about the tryst from her beau?

The setting for the SK season premiere shocker: a charity gala (kind of). First, angel Juliette grew increasingly frustrated seeing Alyssa all lovely-dovey with her beau at the formal event and demanded the MTV cameras cease filming. A producer pleaded with Jules to calm down, but she warned she was “close” to saying what actually happened between the former couple.

Alyssa departed shortly after, but eventually Juliette mustered up the courage to come clean. Juliette called Alyssa (while she was still at the fundraiser) and stated those six fateful words.


“I f*cked your boyfriend in Nashville,” she admitted, with Amanda by her side. Three more words for effect: “Several, several times.”

Alyssa didn’t believe Juliette (she even called her “crazy”), but Juliette countered that she had “proof.”

“Every person at this gala knew except you,” Juliette stressed. “Even your friends know, and no one has told you.”

And though Amanda wasn’t willing to back up Juliette, Juliette instructed Alyssa to ask Chloe about how she got that hush bag Celine purse.

The conversation between Juliette and Alyssa ended abruptly, with Alyssa telling Juliette to send over the evidence (aka texts). Later, Juliette confessed it “wasn’t easy” to come clean, but she felt she did the “right thing when no one else would.”

Sure, Juliette was able to tell Alyssa the truth — something her man couldn’t do. But was it her place? Sound off in the comments, and keep watching Siesta Key every Tuesday at 8/7c.