Harmony Devoe New Single “When U Fall Outta Luv”

Harmony Devoe New Single “When U Fall Outta Luv”


Relationships aren’t always butterflies and rainbows. Just as we fall in love, we can also fall out of love. What seems to be a strong foundation can still end up as a pile of rubble. Many try to maintain a veneer of perfection even if they are crumbling on the inside. These thoughts were swirling through the head of artist Harmony Devoe during the pandemic, allowing her to write her new single “When U Fall Outta Luv.”

Devoe is a native of Detroit where she developed her love for music and polished her skills as a classical pianist. She calls her brand of R&B as “Floecticizm.” This is characterized by passionate lyrics, creative metaphors, and uniquely luscious melodies. Her gift for words give her songs greater depth of emotions than many would dare to go. That is certainly evident with this recent single that should hit close to home for countless couples.

The song is a collaboration with artist JaKeith, produced by JetBlakBrown. This is an exploration of domestic life as it descends from bliss to bleak. Nearly every relationship starts out with fireworks and promises. That is why people choose to get married and cohabitate in the first place. However, years of friction, frustrations, disappointments, and misunderstandings erode the love until there is nothing left. Being home together during the pandemic should be a blessing with more quality time but it could prove to be a curse for those who are suffering in broken relationships.

If you are dealing with a similar situation, then the song may be a cathartic experience. It can help you reflect about your current predicament. While it won’t offer answers, it can make you feel less alone in your journey. Harmony Devoe’s silky voice and effortless delivery makes it a soothing bop despite the heavy subject.

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