Courtney Rhodes smooth new EP ‘Infatuated’

Courtney Rhodes smooth new EP ‘Infatuated’


Love is in the airwaves with Courtney Rhodes’ new EP “Infatuated”. The five tracks talk about the torrent of emotions that come with the first spark in different points of view: “Are You Ready”, “What Do You Want to Do”, “Infatuated”, “Let’s Ride”, and “So High”. She takes listeners to the highs, the lows, and everything in between. The result is a promising body of work from an up-and-coming independent artist.

Rhodes plays the viola, piano, and guitar — a testament to her love for music. She is even taking a degree in Music Management to learn more about the business and get a good foundation for a long career. She was born in Houston, Texas but moved to Atlanta when she was 5 years old. Her father was a professional bass player and keyboardist who loved gospel music. Even her mom and her sister were in a band. She herself joined an orchestra to be different.

All of the songs in the EP have her own personal touch. She has been writing songs since she was 12 so she has a lot of materials to work with. Her personal preference is to make tunes that make people feel good after a long day. In this regard, she is largely successful with the smooth R&B jams she produced. The chill vibe make them the perfect everyday companions on the road.

“Are You Ready” has a great acoustic track while “What Do You Want to Do” is a dynamic back-and-forth with a solid beat. “Infatuated” is a moody piece that tells it like it is, “Let’s Ride” invites you to switch it up on new a journey, and “So High” talks about that initial thrill of a love affair. Pick a song you like or listen to all of them when you want slow and soft jams.

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