DaChonne Nicole releases a new single “Now You’re Gone”

DaChonne Nicole releases a new single “Now You’re Gone”


DaChonne Nicole is a leading R&B singer who recently released an exciting new single. The title of the new song is called “Now You’re Gone.” This song is very comparable to other great songs in the genre. When singing this song, Nicole oozes pure emotion and expresses the grief of the loss of a loved one. Along with expressive lyrics, the song has great composition and does it’s genre proud. As a result, this song will have instant appeal to many fans of rhythm and blues music.

“Now You’re Gone” is about a couple in a relationship for many years, who are now at a crossroads. It’s where one person feels like the other is just going through the motions, no longer trying to work on the relationship, while the other feels they’ve put so much into the relationship and into the other person, that they’ve lost themselves in the process. Now both are forced to reassess themselves and their relationship. Not fun at all!

Part of what makes this a great song is it’s composition. It has a very mellow and coherent composition that helps make the listener feel relaxed. While it is about losing a loved one and longing for their presence, the composition of the song doesn’t feel that heavy, it is more mellow and sobering.

Along with having good composition, “Now You’re Gone” has authentic lyrics as well. The lyrics are straight forward storytelling words which allows the listener to easily understand what is being expressed in the song. When singing the song DaChonne Nicole has a soft and clear voice which enhances the song’s overall quality feel and power.

Interview: DaChonne Nicole interviewed on #1 Urban radio 107.5 WBLS NYC with Shaila & Lenny Green

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