Recording Artist Tanya Nolan Shares Her Passion for R&B Music

Recording Artist Tanya Nolan Shares Her Passion for R&B Music


By Giavanna Foster

R&B music continues to rise in its position as a mainstream genre of choice in today’s music market. When it comes to live concerts and streaming. H.E.R., Charlie Wilson, Anthony Hamilton, and Leela James are among the major artists enjoying the fruits of their musical creativity in the key of rhythm and blues. At the same time, there are indie artists who are also bringing the heat with a contemporary flavor complete with emotional authenticity and colorful performance keeping true to the roots of R&B.

R&B singer/songwriter Tanya Nolan is one such artist who is making a name for herself on the R&B stage. In an interview on ABC news this year, Tanya Nolan is noted as a singer, songwriter and producer of solid R&B music that is consistently landing on the major music charts.

Born in the city of Galveston, Tanya Nolan developed her singing skills performing on the club scene starting at the age of 15. Today she continues to find inspiration from writing music and lyrics that mirror life experiences. As a songwriter, she has written and built a large catalog of original music that represents her story and her sound as a true artist in the musical key of R&B.

Her original single, “No Pressure” gained national attention on R&B radio stations across the country. The remix of the record began soaring up the TOP 40 and Dance charts in 2020 and 2021. Now in the fall of 2021, her original single “Smile On My Face” landed on Billboard’s New and Active chart for Adult R&B. Her music video for the song continues to create buzz with its premiere on MTV, BET Jams as well as gaining momentum on YouTube with over two million views.

When asked about her come-up in R&B, Tanya Nolan attributes her current musical success to her passion for songwriting. In a recent interview, she voiced her thoughts about R&B music: “R&B is soulful and full of passion. It is like art. An idea for a song can come from reflecting on a close relationship or even when you are spending time together with friends and family watching a good movie. The lyrics and the harmonies together reflect life moments. That is what makes it special I think”. Her passion for writing has led her to create a catalog of original R&B music that she develops and records, one song at a time to share with music fans..

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